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Sculpt Sexy Curves & Gain ConfidenceWith The Strong Curves App

The #1 fitness app for empowered women who want to get strong, own their health and sculpt sexy curves.

Meet your trainer

Hey! I'm Shelley Darlington,
founder of Strong Curves

Shelley is your very own expert coach, right in the palm of your hands. With over a decade of experience as a qualified personal trainer and yoga teacher, Shelley is here to guide you on your journey to your best health and best self.

Strong, lean and feminine curves is Shelley’s speciality. No generic, sterile or robotic workouts here! Get your heart pumping and muscles burning with the best workouts of your life. Just sayin’ 😉

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To celebrate the soft launch of the Strong Curves App we’re offering 25% off memberships for lifetime use! Currently there is only one program available, the Strong Curves 12 Week Home Workout. Just like Shelley’s free YouTube Lockdown Program, this program is best streamed onto the big screen where you can follow-along with Shelley with her awesome cues, encouragement and humour.

More programs  are coming in the near future and new content, like exercise tutorials, will be added to the app regularly.

Is It An App Or A Website?

For this soft launch, it’s a web-based app that works off thebrowser on any device, like a membership site. It has been developed to be mobile responsive, so it will look and feel as close to a mobile app as possible. The web-app is perfect for those who like to stream workouts from their device on to their TV.

The native app for iOS and Android will be available to download from the App Store and Google Play in October, just in time for the release of self-paced gym workouts. New programs, workouts and recipes will be regularly added to the app over time.

Right now, it’s in beta phase while we continuously improve your experience. We’ve got big plans to expand the app and we want you to be as involved in this process as possible. Your feedback is crucial, as we’ll be taking your suggestions and actioning them in real time over the next few months.

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Strong Curves App Features

Strong Curves is all about keeping things simple, fun and BS free! We’ve got you covered on all fronts with fun workouts, simple healthy eating and a bangin’ community to keep you motivated.

Workout anywhere, anytime

Follow-along weights based workouts with minimal equipment, from home or at the gym, suitable for all levels. Train alongside Shelley who’ll prompt you with cues on form and give you oodles of encouragement. Break through plateaus, have fun and keep it challenging.

Small space friendly

No jumping, crazy HIIT or excessive cardio

Limited equipment

Track & plan your week

Structure and consistency with a solid plan is what breeds success! Scheduled workouts in an easy to use weekly calendar and goals bar so you can track your progress and stay accountable.

Structured workout plans

Calendar style schedule

Set goals and track progress

Shelley Darlington

Explore 100+ healthy recipes

No restrictive, boring meal plans here. Just simple, yummy real food that the whole family will love. Choose from grain free, low sugar, dairy free or vegetarian options to suit your needs. Balance hormones, boost metabolism, improve gut health and feel energized.

Simple whole food meals

Customisable to your dietary needs

Balance hormones and improve gut health

Connect with other Strong women

Get inspired, be supported and share your experience with like-minded women on your journey to discovering your best self. With a strong emphasis on connection and social interaction, you can get advice and make friends for life.

Share posts, like and comment

Make friends and stay accountable

Get support and advice

Shelley Darlington

#1 female fitness app

Why the Strong Curves App is different

#1 We’re a creator-engaged app

We’re not just a faceless generic platform. We’re right here, doing the damn thang along with you. Fast acting on your feedback and suggestions, you can expect fresh new features and regular updates. Grow with us and reach new heights together!

#2 Fun, interactive ways to connect and workout

Most apps feel sterile and robotic. Infused with Shelley’s humour and straight shooting approach, your experience will feel intimate, like Shelley is right there with you as your very own personal coach. Learn how to master your body with correct form and technique from the best in the biz.

#3 A community platform like no other

Connection is what we’re all about. We aim to revolutionise the way you interact with Shelley and the Strong Curves fam. We’ve created a safe space where you can speak freely, make friends with like-minded women and get access to exclusive content that you won’t find on any of Shelley’s other social platforms. Knowledge is power… and you can trust it won’t be censored here!


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A$14.25 per month, paid monthly.

  • Access to all Strong Curves Challenges

  • On demand workouts

  • 100+ real food recipes

  • Fitness community to share your journey

  • Access all future features and updates

🚀 25% off membership for a limited time!




A$171.00 per year, paid annually.

  • Access to all Strong Curves Challenges

  • On demand workouts

  • 100+ real food recipes

  • Fitness community to share your journey

  • Access all future features and updates

Strong Curves Transformations

Join thousands of other Strong Curves women who are losing weight, sculpting feminine curves and regaining their health and confidence.

  • Strong Curves Transformation
  • Strong Curves Transformation
  • Strong Curves Transformation

Coming Soon!

Available on October 10th 2022

The Strong Curves App is coming to the Apple App Store & Google Play on October 10th 2022.

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